Our Services / SNMP / CodeGen

  • Code generator, parser and merger.
  • The program Analyses MIB (Management Information Base) and generates code skeleton according to a given template.
  • If the skeleton is already filled with user code, the existing code is merged into generated source text. This allows easy changes of your MIB.
  • Template feature enables usage of the program for different operating systems and for various SNMP agent implementations (NetSilicon Fusion, Euros, Keil x51, Nut/OS AVR..).
  • Download demo here.
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Solar Monitor - brand new monitoring unit for photovoltaic plants. Combines simplicity and innovative features for maximum user satisfaction.



Running Web Portal for analysis of measured values. Multi-purpose use. This demo displays data from our office.



Unique web-update in LAN Analyser: you can easily update the device with one file containing the Bootloader, Linux kernel and the filesystem via web browser.