Live Demo / Java Web Start

Java Web Start

  • This demo uses HTTP or SNMP protocol for gathering of Poseidon thermal sensor values. It is a pure Java APPLICATION, not an applet.
  • Requires installed JRE 1.6+. Download here.
  • Available online units: ( Turnov, Czech republic ( Prague, Czech republic
  • How to:
    1) Run the application, set the host name (IP address) of available Poseidon unit, choose connection type (HTTP/SNMP) and click the connect button on the right side.
    2) Choose sensors to view.
    3) The sensors can be renamed. Given names will be stored in the unit's nonvolatile area (restart-proof).
    4) Current Values: Selected sensor will be drawn in the thermometer.
    5) Value Range: Set the graph and thermometer limits.
    6) Trap Events: A Poseidon unit can be set to send SNMP traps to your computer. When configured, the messages are shown in this area. The application is able to receive data from more units.
    7) Graph: set the refresh interval (ms). Check the Refresh and the graph starts to show sampled values.




Solar Monitor - brand new monitoring unit for photovoltaic plants. Combines simplicity and innovative features for maximum user satisfaction.



Running Web Portal for analysis of measured values. Multi-purpose use. This demo displays data from our office.



Unique web-update in LAN Analyser: you can easily update the device with one file containing the Bootloader, Linux kernel and the filesystem via web browser.