Live Demo / ActiveX library


Poseidon unit's ActiveX application interface

  • ActiveX comes from Microsoft and can be used in MS Office (VBA), Visual Basic, .NET, C++ and other environments. Analogy of VBA is also included in OpenOffice.
  • This demo uses .dll library on the client PC. This library provides access to functions and commands (here sensor values) of the Poseidon device.ActiveX
  • Example description:
    The ZIP archive contains a dll library (Poseidon.dll), sample Visual Basic application (Poseidon COM Demo.exe), sample command-line application (ComUser.exe), batch file for library registration (register.bat) and examples for MS Excel and OpenOffice Calc.
  • How to:
    1) Extract the ZIP archive
    2) Run register.bat (registers .DLL library)
    3) Run the demos: Poseidon.XLS (Excel), Poseidon.ODS (OpenOffice Calc), Poseidon_COM_Demo.exe (VisualBasic app.), ComUser.exe (command-line version).
  • All examples requires connection to a Poseidon unit for gathering of sensor values. You can use these: ( Turnov, Czech republic ( Prague, Czech republic




Solar Monitor - brand new monitoring unit for photovoltaic plants. Combines simplicity and innovative features for maximum user satisfaction.



Running Web Portal for analysis of measured values. Multi-purpose use. This demo displays data from our office.



Unique web-update in LAN Analyser: you can easily update the device with one file containing the Bootloader, Linux kernel and the filesystem via web browser.