Services / EtherNet/IP

  • EtherNet/IP is an industrial automation protocol. It uses physical ethernet interface. EtherNet/IP is developed by Rockwell Automation.
  • We offer complete implementation of EtherNet/IP into your device. This enables you to integrate the device into RSLogix (Allen-Bradley) environment:
        • AOP (add-on plugin)
        • Not only configuration, but also custom ActiveX tabs, including graphics and communication with RSLogix and customer objects in your device.
        • Listen only, Input only device connectivity
  • Implementation of brand new customer CIP objects. This enables you to integrate your device into existing CIP environment.
  • In case of network problems, we are providing measurement, analysis and solution (reply times, routing check, network throughput).

  • EtherNet/IP implementation




Solar Monitor - brand new monitoring unit for photovoltaic plants. Combines simplicity and innovative features for maximum user satisfaction.



Running Web Portal for analysis of measured values. Multi-purpose use. This demo displays data from our office.



Unique web-update in LAN Analyser: you can easily update the device with one file containing the Bootloader, Linux kernel and the filesystem via web browser.