Live Demo / JavaScript and XML


JavaScript + XML DEMO - Graph and Sensor

  • These two examples gathers data from sensors attached to the Poseidon unit and displays them to graph or table with values.
  • Both examples require connection to an online Poseidon unit: ( Turnov, Czech republic ( Prague, Czech republic
  • Works only in Mozilla Firefox browser. You need to do a bit of configuration:
    1) Open a new tab in the browser
    2) Type into the addressbar about:config
    3) Confirm security question, the configuration window will appear
    4) Search for parameter signed.applets.codebase_principal_support
    5) Change its value by doubleclicking to true.
    6) Run the demo.




Solar Monitor - brand new monitoring unit for photovoltaic plants. Combines simplicity and innovative features for maximum user satisfaction.



Running Web Portal for analysis of measured values. Multi-purpose use. This demo displays data from our office.



Unique web-update in LAN Analyser: you can easily update the device with one file containing the Bootloader, Linux kernel and the filesystem via web browser.